Protagonist Journey 


CHARACTERS: Heidy, Loren, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Zoe, Mr. Williams, & Andromeda


SETTING: A summer camp of a school located in Thailand




SYNOPSIS (STORY IDEA): Two girls travel to what they believe to be a fun summer camp in Thailand. As they rest on the journey, some supernatural events happen to them and a witch enters their dream. Loren & Heidy don’t know what will happen to them after so many supernatural events. Read the story to find out the results of what happens to Heidy & Loren.



The Mystery of the Smith Sisters

By: Isabella Cardona, Valentina Aguirre, & Maria Jose Giraldo


A long time ago there existed two sisters whose names were Heidy and Loren, Heidy was thirteen years old. Heidy was really shy, she was excellent at school, and she loved science and physics. Her sister, Loren was different than Heidy. She was really tall, she loved to play volleyball, she didn’t like to go to school, the only subject that she liked was P.E. Both of the sisters were different in all aspects, but they were always together and they loved each other.


During the vacations, the school would plan a summer camp every year for eighth graders. It was in Thailand, within a huge beautiful forest. Both of the sisters were super excited to be there. It would be the first time that they would be leaving England. Most of the students would go, but Heidy and Loren were not sure. Their parents, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith were very scared to let their daughter go. They were still deciding if they would let them go. The girls came back from school and had talked to their parents.  


”Hey mom and dad” Loren said.

”Hello girls how was schooled today?” Mr. Smith asked.


CHARACTERS: Marianna, Samuel, Matias (Mariana’s father), Camilo (Samuel’s father), Mariana’s Mother.


SETTING: Park, hospital, Bogota, Valentine’s Day.




SYNOPSIS (STORY IDEA): It was Valentine's Day and the best friends had gotten together to celebrate it. Samuel is about to receive some dramatic news of Mariana leaving to go to Bogota with her family. So Samuel felt very sad about what happened which caused him to have an accident. Samuel's father contacted Mariana's father to let them meet again.

CHARACTERS: John Stamos, Ashley Johnson, Stranger in a Trenchcoat, Amy Schuster, & Stranger who gives directions

SETTING: London SW (near Chelsea)


SYNOPSIS (STORY IDEA): John was eating lunch when a tall stranger in a trench coat arrives at his table and delivers John a briefcase. He tells him you know what to do and vanishes into the crowd. John has absolutely no idea what to do but eventually everything comes to fruition.

An “Inconvenient” Briefcase

By: Pascual David De Juan

The sun stroke rays of sunshine and uncertainty upon the outdoor table of Medlar Restaurant. John considered himself to be a sceptic whenever he thinking about the weather. On a sunny day he would often say to himself, “this won’t last for long”. Whilst on a cloudy and rainy day, he would often think that this would last all week. Despite being cynical about the weather, John was a nostalgic individual. Every action of his life was a repetition of a previous action that he received joy from. He considered his life cyclical to be transparent with predictable outcomes. It was simple, just the way he liked it. For 2 years, he consistently had eaten at Medlar every Sunday. But it wasn’t the food why he went there every Sunday. He ate there because it was a constant reminder of what his life was like with Ashley.

                Ashley was the last girlfriend of John. She had a rich shade of gold in her hair, like a blossoming flower, it flowed in waves that adorned her glowing porcelain-like skin. For John, she seemed the picture of perfection. Whenever she smiled, the world would sigh beneath her feet. When she laughed, she would let out miniature giggles that resembled a teenage girl. John considered himself the luckiest man in the world when he dated her. But that was all in the past. It was for that reason that he decided to continue to eat at Medlar every Sunday to reflect on the joy that Ashley would give him at the same table, at the same time, with the same meal. He was a lonely man that hadn’t dated for 2 years, worked a dull job as an Insurance Specialist, and found little excitement in his life.


 To Bogota & Back

by Juliana Henao


It was Valentine’s Day, the best friends of Mariana and Samuel had planned to go to the park for a picnic in the afternoon.


“Hi Sami, how are you? Remember to bring the chips, soda and chocolates.” said Mariana.


“Hi Mari , I'm on my way to the park, bye, take care.” replied Samuel.


Mariana arrived at the park and while she was preparing the picnic, she was thinking about how to tell her best friend the worst news that would change both of their lives.


“Hi Sami, the picnic looks good right?” Mariana asked


“Yes it all looks very good….look Mari, I brought what you asked me” said Samuel 


Mari was very anxious about how Samuel was going to react to what she was about to tell him.


“Sami I have to tell you something. My father got a better job in Bogota so my family and I are going to live in Bogota starting this Friday,” mentioned Mari.